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House Rules

House Rules

No Smoking
Smoking only allowed in designated smoking area, A fine of IDR 500,000 will be enforced.

No Littering
Please do not litter.

No Sexual Activity
Sexual activities are not allowed inside the dorms.

No Pets Allowed
Pets are not allowed.

No Vandalism
Vandalism is a crime; please do not do anything that will damage our properties.

Lower Your Voice
Respect others. Keep your voice down; loud or unnecessary noise is prohibited. Especially on corridor area.

No Nudity
Please do not be naked in the dorms and public area.

Use Your Alocated Bed and Take Care of Your Belongings
Please ONLY use your alocated bed and locker. Keep your valuable belonging inside your locker and lock it.

Save the Planet
Save energy, save life. Turn off the lights and Air Conditioner when you leave the room.

No Hang Out on Corridors
Please do not use the corridor as a hang out area.

Laundry Policy
For long staying guest, towel will be changed once every two days. Bed sheet, pillow case, and blanket will be changed every week.

Visitor Policy
Visitors are only allowed in public area.

Rooftop Access
Enjoy the view, 5th floor open at 05.00 AM – 10.00 AM and 04.00 PM – 10.00 PM.

Everyone is a policeman/policewoman. Smile you are on CCTV camera.

Child Policy
For the convenience of all guests, children under 12 years old are not allowed staying in our share dormitory. Guests travel with children 12 years old are suggested to stay in private dorm with their family.

Individual Check-out Policy
To make the process of individual traveler check out run faster, please bring towel and blanket to the Front Office.

Group Check-out Policy
To make the process of group check out run faster please put your towel and blanket on your bed, and put air conditioner remote into its place.